The Homeschooling Seminar is a class for homeschooling parents, both those who are already homeschooling and those who want to get started. The class sessions are held several times a year, but the reading and other activities are done at home. It meets the state requirements for a course in home-based instruction for parents to qualify to homeschool, as outlined in Washington state laws.

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Summer Dates: June 21-22 and July 19-20 2019

Fall Dates: August 16-17 and September 20-21 2019

Cost: $90 for individuals, additional $10 for couples if pre-registered by
2 weeks before the class. Add $10 for later registration

Please pre-register. Space is limited. 

There are four in-class sessions with the reading, projects and activities completed at home.

The books should be read prior to the class sessions, if possible. They are available through the Vancouver Public Libraries or at used book sites online. Additional reading, activities and projects are included in the classroom sessions of the course.

Raising Kids Who Turn Out Right by Tim Kimmel
The Successful Homeschool Family Handbook by Raymond Moore
The Homeschooling Father by Michael Farris 
Discover Your Children's Gifts by Don & Katie Fortune

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