Salmon Creek Learning Center provides yearly testing for homeschoolers
using the California Achievement Test, 5th Edition (CAT/5), an approved test for homeschoolers in Washington.

For parents who score, the test results are available immediately following the testing session in a computer printout format.

If your support group would like an individual group testing, call
360-573-0857 for information or to schedule a date.

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In the spring, students should test for the level of school work they are
finishing. In the fall, students should be tested for the grade they
are beginning.

Often the child's age does not correlate, so consider the academic level of
each child rather than their age or the grade they would be in school.
If you have a child who has just turned 8 years old and will be testing for
the first time, it may be helpful to discuss with us which test level is
appropriate for them.

Testing times: 9 AM - 12:30 PM each day (includes snack breaks)
Dividing the testing session over several days reduces fatigue for the
students and provides a more relaxed atmosphere that promotes more accurate
results. It is our hope that testing will be a positive experience for your

If your child has tested with us in the past, we'll double check the level.
If we recommend a change, we’ll call you prior to testing.

If you have a special situation or any questions about the test or
testing process, please feel free to call 360-573-0857.

Non-test assessments are an alternative to testing and are especially
helpful for students who have special needs, such as late readers. Some
parents prefer non-test assessments over testing. This method of marking
progress meets the requirements of the state law.
By appointment only.
Call 360-573-0857 for information and to schedule.